Of all your exterior doors your garage door is likely to be the most vulnerable. It is the door most likely to be left unlocked and even left open.If you have an attached garage with a door through to the rest of the house, this is a double security risk. Once inside your garage the thief can work unseen on breaking through that connecting access door.
Burglars love cover, they can take their time if there is little chance of being observed, being inside your garage is the perfect c over.
You should treat an access door to your home as an external door, not an internal one even though it is inside your garage. Make sure that it is fitted with a good deadbolt lock, is of solid construction and that the frame is strong and in good condition. The garage access door should be as secure as your front door.

Even if you have a detached garage or there is no access door to the rest of your home, you still do not want a burglar in your garage. Think, what do you keep in there, apart from your automobile that is, likely you keep a whole lot of items many of which will be valuable to you. Golf clubs and other sports equipment, various tools, bicycles, maybe even your power mower. You do not want these things stolen, it pays to think about garage door security. 

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